A Derivatives

Trading Platform for Synthetic Assets

Theoretically any asset can be supported by the peer-to-pool engine, whether it’s stocks, commodities, or cryptos.


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  • Early research and analysis on the feasibility of the project
  • Establishment of the team
  • Seed round and Private round financing
  • Finalize the whitepaper
  • Product planning
  • Community building and content operation
  • Website launch
  • Smart contract MVP design
  • Community building and activities
  • Finish developing web pages for forging, trading and staking
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Finish private round financing
  • Start the community round financing and finish the marketing work
  • Contract audit work starts
  • Beta version internal test and public test done
  • Finish IDO and open the public trade of KATA
  • Prepare to be listed on CEX
  • Leverage product planning
  • Get in contact with Chinese community
  • Launch on PancakeSwap
  • Launch of KATA Farm
  • Hire professional analyst in US stocks
  • Katala V2 prototype, development and test
  • Confirm and initiate the basic function of DAO community governance
  • Prepare Katala V2’s support for global commodities
  • Katala V2 development and test
  • Katala V2 code audit
  • Expand and improve tradable assets on Katala according to TVL data
  • Number of Katala basic tradable assets to 20-30 Provide research reports on tradable assets
  • Prepare support for products on SOL, NEAR, Ethereum, Polkadot; Establish Singapore team (TBD)
  • Get in contact with oversea VC institutions (sustain long-term cooperation with them using secondary market price)
  • Support for Hybrid mortgage mechanism (ETH+USDT+USDC+DAI+WBTC)
  • Katala V2 support for NEAR
  • Marketing and promotion in NEAR community
  • Enlist in Hotbit
  • Enlist in Binance launchpad
  • Katala V2 support for Polkadot Chain
  • Marketing and promotion in Polkadot community; Daily active user number exceeds 5000
  • Improve the price pegging and de-pegging mechanism with off-chain assets
  • Katala V2 support for Ethereum Chain
  • Marketing and promotion in Ethereum community
  • Complete cross-chain support
  • Number of Katala basic tradable assets exceeds 100

Why choose us

Reward Holders

Get 30% BNB per Ref

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How Does Katala Work?

The system reads in stock or commodity asset prices via a decentralized price oracle.

Issuers lock up collateral. If the corresponding asset values rise above the preset collateral level, the collateral may be liquidated to ensure solvency of the system.